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What are Shin Splints and How Can I Prevent Them or Heal Them?

admin January 22, 21

Have you ever been running and felt pain in your shins? If you have, you have probably experienced a thing known as shin splints. Don’t worry – shin splints are something many runners have to deal with, and when properly taken care of, are completely manageable and curable! Shin splints start to happen when the muscles, tendens, and bone tissue in your shins become overworked. Shin splints start to occur when there is an extreme or sudden change or increase in a workout routine. 

How can I treat them?

  1. Rest. The one true cure to shin splints is rest. Your body needs time to heal and recover.
  2. Ice. You can ice your shins by soaking them in an ice bath, or you can freeze a paper cup of water, and unpeel the paper around the cup, and slowly massage your shins with the frozen ice block.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. Keeping up with Advil or ibuprofen will help you manage the pain while training or competing. 
  4. Compression. Wear compression sleeves around your shins to help improve the blood flow and circulation to your shins to increase your muscle recovery time.

How can I prevent them?

  1. Stretch your calves and hamstrings
  2. Make sure you have the right shoes that fit you properly. 
  3. Avoid a sudden increase in your training plan. We have some great plans to get your distance up on our Instagram
  4. Run on soft surfaces like grass or turf when you can
  5. Participate in other forms of cardio, like biking, swimming, or rowing when possible, to give your shins a break.

Again, when properly managed, shin splints are nothing to panic about. But just like the rest of your body, your shins and lower legs need to be treated with care. Being healthy is the most important thing for any athlete, and running is no exception. So take care of yourself, and happy running!



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