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Training for a Half-Marathon

Erin Hesch June 2, 21

A half-marathon may sound more ambitious than it really is. It’s long-distance, yes, but it’s short enough to finish in a few hours. Running a successful race is just another skill to have under your tool belt with the benefit of a healthy heart, mind, and body. The first step is to know your positionality as a runner: learn how your body responds to stimuli like eating habits, terrain, and weather.  

More importantly, though, is a runner’s training. Apart from sticking to your plan for a few months, runners need to incorporate activities outside long-distance runs. Here’s the shortlist of the best half-marathon training plans:

1)    Strength Training

Strong muscles and joints are critical to a runner’s endurance. While this is possible roadside with circuits of hill training and sprints, be sure to hit the gym (or your living room) to target and activate muscle groups with greater precision using these simple exercises. 

Legs: Squats, Squat Jumps, Lunges

Core: Plank, Side Plank, Leg Lifts

IT Band: Side Shuffles and Clam Shells 

2)    Gear

Know your weather and how you run in it. Especially as the weather warms, don’t be too quick to pack away your warmer running gear. Bring smaller articles like hats and gloves that can be easily carried if not worn. A running hack: arm warmers to slip on and off.

3)    Food and Drink

Keep carbs in your diet, especially before you hit the road. Carbs ensure endurance and trying to skimp on them likely hurts your time and overall ability. Before you go, a safe rule is to drink about fifteen fluid ounces before you go. Replenish every fifteen minutes with three to six ounces. Find your sweet spot.  

A half marathon just takes a little discipline to get going. What’s most important is that a runner challenges themselves while still learning how their body runs. Remember, the distance is long enough that it takes some work, but short enough that it’s you can succeed.

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