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Top Websites to Find Races Near You

Erin Hesch March 24, 21

There are so many races out there, and so many running sites! It can be overwhelming to find just a simple race near you. So we did the work for you. We scoured the internet to find the best websites that list races in a local area, tells you about the race, and then links you right to registration! So if you are looking for a “race near me”, whether it is a 5k, 15k, half marathon, or iron man, here are the best sites to check out! 

Top Websites to find a race near me:

  1. I Love Runs

I Love Runs is the most comprehensive and user friendly website there is when it comes to finding a local race. The biggest pro of this website is the easy to use map and race finder that pinpoints races across the country. This database lets you search by area, date, distance, and race type. You can view the races by map view, list view, or calendar view. As an added bonus, I Love Runs has information on the best gear, a blog with running news and running tips, and even has its own store. 

  1. Run Guides

Another great website for finding races in your area, Run Guides is similar to I Love Runs in that the home page and main function is a search of the USA that allows you to pinpoint races in your area and get information on them. The blog on this site has more entertaining articles for your reading pleasure, and opts for a fun, cartoon-like theme. The biggest pro of Run Guides is the running groups feature you can search on this site as well. 

  1. Running The USA

Running the USA ranks in at #3. This site is great for searching different kinds of races across the country, as it segments the races by type of race, including trail, multisport, etc. This large database is no-frills, and is straightforward. This site also has a calendar and list view, but can sometimes be overwhelming with the segmentation and options within the calendar. 

  1. Race-Find

Race Find opts for the map view on its homepage, and is as user-friendly as any of the above sites. The reason Race Find is #4 is because of its lack of a calendar view and its multi- click search capacity. However, Race Find also includes races in Canada, unlike the above sites. This site is well designed in its front-end design, but offers no extra features, such as a blog, run clubs, or store. 

  1. Active

Possibly the most well- known of the race- finder sites, Active is an event finder for all types of athletic events. If you are not sure what kind of event you are looking for, active is a great place to go to browse events in your area of all kinds. Because of its wider variation of events, it is less targeted for runners lookings for races, and therefore does not have as comprehensive or focused a database of runs. However, Active is extremely user friendly, and there is a reason it is so popular. 

  1. Runner’s World

Runner’s world is one of the most popular running sites in the country- there is no doubt about that. Runner’s world ranks in a #6 because it is mostly a running blog/magazine and forum, and not necessarily the first place one would think to go to find a race. If you are looking for information on running, run gear, or pretty much any other topic related to running, Runner’s World is the place to go. In terms of searching for races in particular, the site partners with Let’s Do This. This feature is definitely decent, but finding local races is definitely not the focus of this site.

  1. Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet is another site that is great for a lot of things: training tips, other running articles and news, and its primary purpose: selling running gear. Fleet Feet is primarily a store (with great, high quality products forsure!), and has a race finder as a small addition to the site. But if you are mostly looking to find a good database of races, one of the above choices may be better.

  1. Eventbrite

Last but not least is Eventbrite. Similar to Active, but for all events, not just athletic events, Eventbrite definitely has a large database of races. If you are looking for events in general, this is definitely the most comprehensive website for events all across the country. The biggest running events will be on there as well, but eventbrite is not specifically for races or runners. 


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