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Tips to Stay Motivated During Quarantine

admin January 22, 21

There have been many days where we’ve had to “take a day off” from running due to bad weather, icy roads, or being sick. But being in a state of quarantine is unlike anything else that we’ve been through. Whether you did your training in a gym or outside, all of us had a big change happen to our routine. While some of us might be able to shake it off and keep afloat, others may have a harder time staying motivated during these times. 

Whether you began quarantine at the beginning of a triathlon training program or were nearing the finish line in your training, quarantine has put a halt on all races until at least 2021. In the meantime, how can we keep ourselves physically and mentally motivated until life becomes normal again? 

Take a look at these helpful tips on how to stay motivated during the rest of quarantine: 

1. Create small goals

  • The first step to completing anything is creating goals for them. Now, you might have already had goals for why you started running in the first place- losing weight, becoming healthier, becoming mentally stronger, etc. Whatever those goals may be, are the reasons why you started running in the first place! Rethink your goals, and write them down on a piece of paper. Create objectives on how you are going to achieve those goals as well. Everyone reaches their goals differently so it is important to note what may work best for you in order to reach them. You are 42% more likely to complete your goals if you write them down. Give it a try! 

2. Have a schedule 

  • The best way to get a good workout in is by having a list to follow. Do you ever go to the gym with no plan and feel like you didn’t do your best? Creating a workout schedule will help eliminate that! Even if your plan is just cardio and to go on a run, write down your before and after stretches. Every piece of your workout should be written down. As written in statement one, you are most likely to reach your goals if you write them down. You can’t argue with science!

3. Find a workout buddy 

  • Quarantine can be a very lonely and isolating time. Even if you like working out alone better, having a workout buddy can help keep you accountable! If you have a workout planned with your buddy, there’s no time for excuses (this is of course if you picked a good partner) If you are feeling sluggish and unmotivated, having a buddy will help you get the motivation you need to help get you run done. This can also be used for a social interaction if you’ve been cooped up for too long!

4. Look Forward

If you’re feeling too tired to exercise, think not about how low and unenergized you feel now, but how energized you will be when you’re done. “A body at rest wants to stay at rest, and a body in movement wants to stay moving.” Creating small movements like getting dressed into your running gear, or laying out your running shoes can help you get over one of the nuggets hurdles- your mindset. Have you ever gotten done with a workout and thought, “wow, i really wish I didn’t do that, I feel awful!” I’m going to assume not. Try not to focus on why you don’t want to do it, and just get up and start the process of doing it- Look forward. No one ever turned away from a workout after they’ve already gotten dressed!

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