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Safely Running in Hot Weather

Erin Hesch June 16, 21

With summer approaching and hot weather returning, runners are packing up their leggings and pulling out their visors. It’s an exciting time in the year for the running community with the return of races for all types of runners, from novices to world-class superstars.  

For those who don’t take running as seriously, there are still a few tips and tricks that should be learned in order to run safely, effectively, and comfortably. With the heat cranking up, here are some tips on how to safely run in hot weather.

Hydrate, generously!

We are always inclined to simply stretch before a run (and maybe eat an energy bar), but this is a critical mistake, especially in the summer months.  You should have a 3-step hydration routine to ensure your body can sustain itself after you’ve started your route.

Step 1: Pre-hydration. Your water intake should be around 16-20 oz. of water at least two hours before you head out.  This allows your body to properly hydrate. Gulping down a big glass a few minutes before leaving the house is not how to hydrate.

Step 2: Replenish while running. If you’re running for more than half an hour, you’ll need to fill up your tank to keep going.  Keep your intake between 5-10 oz. of water for optimal results. A nice trick for those longer runs includes a few sips every 20 minutes.  

Step 3: Post-workout hydration.  Intake should be at least 16-20 oz, same as your pre-hydration. It doesn’t hurt to drink more, either. An easy way to track your hydration level is to pay attention to urine color. The clearer, the better!

Heat endurance training is a must.

Running in the heat is very different from running in cooler temperatures. A good way to get your body ready is by doing trial runs. According to the American Running and Fitness Association, when it gets hot, reduce the vigor of your run by 75 percent. Slowly build it back up over a week to ten days.  

Sun protection is critical. 

There is one loophole when it comes to running in hot weather and that is making sure to run in the early morning when there is less sunlight (and heat!). Nonetheless, ensure you put sunscreen on exposed skin and that your lotion is waterproof with a high SPF. Layer on protection without overheating, so be sure to grab a hat or visor to protect your face.  

For the more seasoned running veterans, this is an important time. The summer races pull some of the most elite runners from across the country – and the globe. These athletes train year-round, studying the functionality of their body as they push it to cut time and run longer. These runners learn how their bodies respond to specific diets, stretches, and terrains. They study the effects of sleep on their performance and work to enhance their performance by engaging in other forms of exercise and strength training. These runners turn the sport into an art form.

All in all, running in hot weather is doable so long as you take the necessary measures.

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