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Pre-Run Nerves, and How to Calm Them

admin January 13, 21

Have you ever been waiting for the beginning of a race and you feel so nervous that you could vomit? Me too! I remember running track back in high school and I would get so nervous for all of my races. But I specifically remember getting the most nervous for the 400 hurdles. I could never distinguish what exactly I was nervous about; simply racing and competing or how I knew how I was going to feel after the race, and that it was going to be bad. Either way, I used to get so nervous that I almost alway thought I was going to throw up before the race. My legs would shake so bad and all the fears in my head came to the forefront of my mind. There would also be times where I would literally try to talk myself out of running a race, and it was such a horrible mindset to be in before competing. Over the years, I tried to compile stuff that helped calm my nerves and settle me down before a big race.

  1. Listen to calm music before your race… even prior to your warm up

I have discovered that listening to loud, or bass heavy songs did not work well for me. I do think there is a time and place for those songs, like during your warm up, however, when you’re just waiting to begin your warm up, I suggest you listen to something calming and soothing. I felt like the soothing music calmed my mind and my heart down instead of fast-paced and bass heavy music that would tend to pick my heart rate up. 

  1. Breathe 

You would be so surprised by how much consistent breathing makes a difference in calming nerves and anxiety. A breathing technique that is recommended is six counts in, hold for two, and a six counts out, and repeat for however long you’d like.

  1. Envision a successful race

Visualising a performance or future success has been proven to be successful and will also improve your success. By taking the time to center your body and mind and focus on your upcoming performance can help calm your nerves and really focus on the task at hand.

  1. Warm up properly

By getting a great warm up in it will do two things for you: one it will help you focus in on your race and block out the extra noise, and two, it will help you be physically ready for your race. And if you know you are physically ready to perform, it will only help your mental state. 

By staying focused on the task at hand, breathing, and thinking positive thoughts, your nerves will be more calm and you will be ready to run an amazing race!


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