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Favorite Fitness Applications

admin January 19, 21

When thinking about fitness applications I really have been drawn to those that track my runs; where I go and how many miles I put in. I am currently an Apple Watch user and I think it is so cool how the watch tracks your location and gives you a detailed map of where you went. The watch also is very detailed in how long you exercised for, how many calories you burned, and your average heart rate. Apple also offers a wide range of exercise types you do, whether that’s running on a treadmill, biking, or running outside. 

Another application I highly recommend is Map My Run by UnderArmour. Similar to the Apple watch, it tracks your exact location to give you a detailed map, how long you ran or biked, and how many calories you burned. 

To track food intake and a caloric deficit or gain, I recommend MyFitnessPal, which is also by UnderArmour. The application has a wide variety of food in it’s system that makes it quick and easy to track your calories for every meal or snack. The app also offers a wide variety of exercise with approximate caloric burn with each exercise. This gives the app the ability to show how many calories you have put in your body versus how many calories you’ve burned. It also shows how many calories you have remaining for that day before you hit your goal. 

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