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Best Foods To Have Before A Long Run

Erin Hesch April 15, 21

There is a lot of controversy around what are the best foods to have before a long run. What you eat for a long run is different for everyone because everyone digests food differently. The key for a pre run meal is that it has to be easy to digest and can not be too heavy. The reason for this is that while you are working out for a long period of time your body slows down your digestive system so the energy will go to your muscles and blood flow. The best things that you want to have before a long run is something that is going to be easy to digest and something that is high in carbohydrates so you can turn that food into fuel for your body. For more information about this you can visit this website. A couple of great examples of great food to eat are. 

Sweet potatoes – these are a great choice because they are full of carbohydrates and potassium. 

Oats – oatmeal is another great meal to have because the oat provide a great source of carbs and you can also add fruits to the bowl as well. These additional fruits like bananas and berries will also provide you with potassium and antioxidants that will be beneficial in your running.

Smoothies – the reason why a smoothie is so great to have is because you can place a large variety of nutritious foods into a small glass. The best part about a smoothie is that it is easy to make and it digests very easy while you are running. 

Avocado toast – this is a great food to have because toast is light and very easy to digest. Avocado is a great source of vitamins and healthy fats. 

Pasta – if you are going for a long run early in the morning then pasta will be the best choice to have the night before. The food will break down over night and you will be able to use the carbohydrates in the morning and not have to eat a big breakfast. 

Salads – having a salad with a wide variety of vegetables like kale, tomates, and cucumber is very helpful for long runs. This is because a lot of vegetables are high in iron and essential vitamins. It also does not require a lot of energy to digest.  

Power Foods

You are going to want to find foods that hold a lot of nutrients in them and are small in size. A couple ideas would be to be power bars, assorted nuts, fruits, and foods that contain high carbohydrates. You also want to make sure that you are not eating a large portion right before a run. You will want to eat and wait a little bit to allow time for your food to digest which will help to eliminate things like cramps and heartburn. 

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