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Best After Running Stretches

admin February 3, 21

No matter what stage of your running career that you’re in, it is always important and crucial that you stretch before and after. Doctors say that stretching after running helps to decrease injury. After your muscles have been warmed up by your run, they are more elastic. If stretched appropriately, your flexibility will improve, which will allow your joints to move through range of motion more fully with less effort. In the long run, stretching improves long-term posture by keeping balance in the back and abdominal muscles. Good posture makes breathing, digesting, and even heartbeats operate properly. 

That being said, here are six great stretches to do after your run!

Hamstring Stretch 

Quad Stretch 

Quad Stretch

Calf Stretch

Low Lunge Stretch 

Butterfly Stretch 

Hip and Back Stretch 


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